Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 7 - Roma, Italia

I woke up leisurely this morning. This feeling lasted all of two seconds until I checked my watch and saw the time. 8:15. Class starts at 8:30. So I jumped up, woke Mckell (my roomie) up, and got ready as fast as I could. I was done in 5 minutes, but still! I hate being rushed. But it could have been worse. I could have woken up after 8:30. Anyway, first stop: the colosseum. Did you get that? THE COLOSSEUM. Yeah.

About half the girls are in this picture. From the left: Mckell Mecham, Me, Tabitha, Elisabeth, Hilary, Ali, Courtney, Kaitlynn, Claire, Heidi. Off to the right side: Cassandra, Mckell Forbes, Sierra (you can only see her back).


Then we lectured at the Arch of Constantine. Rome had a really terrible emperor and when Constantine heard about it, he came and conquered. So they made him an arch. Pretty awesome.

The Arch and the Colosseum :D

Then we headed to the Roman forum. It is quite gigantic.

I believe this is the Arch of Titus. Pretty awesome.

Spoils from the Temple of Solomon.

Bascilica Nova.
It is huge!

This open area is where the bascilica was a long time ago.
Remnant of a column.
Temple of Caesar.

This is where Caesar was cremated.

Imperial Forum of Augustus.
Arch of Septimus Severus

Don't know what church that is. I thought there were a lot of churches in Paris. No. Rome is FULL of them. It is incredible.

Imperial Forum of Trajan.

Column of Trajan down there.

Column of Marcus Aurelius. It is very similar to the column of trajan, but like it a lot better. Reason #1: The bands are smaller so the figures are larger and #2: the figures are in higher relief. There two reasons combine to make it a more enjoyable viewing experience.
Cute Italian man.

Patheon: to all the gods.

Tomb of Raphael.

It was incredible. Wow.

After that, we got some food. Yummy. I love italian food. It is so my favorite. After that, gelato, bien sur. After walking around ROME for a little while, we headed back to the hotel via metro. On the way back, we went grocery shopping. I am so glad that we can be self-sustaining food-wise. Then we went back to the hotel and I made food for myself. I cooked for myself for the first time in over three months! It was fun :)

C'est tout :)