Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 54 - Dernier Jour

Last day in Paris! I can't believe it. I'm sure gonna miss this place.

Ali, Shamra, Mckell, Claire and I headed out to the city this morning. First stop was the Opera house. I finally got to see the inside this time!


We had some fun :)

Then we went to Berko's, the wonderful cheesecake place. It wasn't open and it was 11:35. We thought they wouldn't open until 12 but as we were sitting there waiting, they opened the doors! Yay!
I got creme brulee cheesecake. Oh it was divine. This is one of the things I will miss most about Paris! Love it.

Then Claire and I went to the Jewish museum. It was pretty interesting.

I couldn't take many pictures. Then off to the Promenade Plantee. It was a really beautiful walk.

I like this flower. It's weird.
Then we walked back to the metro. It was quite a long walk so we were very tired! We went to the Louvre for a little internet time.

Afterward, we went to Laudree to get a present for Greg and Martha. Then back to the hotel to give the present to them and to get our notebooks. We talked for a little bit. They are such nice people! They really care about us! Then back to the room. I checked my notebook and I got an A!! Woohoo! Then we worked on packing. We then went to the grocery store to get some chocolate and some dinner. Back to the hotel again. I chilled with Mckell, Shamra, and Ali in their room. I ate a cucumber with my chips as salt. I crushed the bag of chips into little pieces then dipped my cucumber into it. Not too weird, right? Okay, maybe a little, but I didn't think it "barbaric" as Mckell so bluntly put it. Funny. After packing some more, Tabitha and Elisabeth came back from Disneyland. Today was a pretty good day :)

I can't believe I am going home tomorrow! (Yes, this is coming quite a bit after the fact, but that's okay) It has been so amazing and crazy living abroad for these several months! I absolutely love Europe. I know I will miss it. But I have missed home. It will be so wonderful to see my family tomorrow!