Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some Engagements

So I thought I might as well put some engagements on my blog, even though those who read this have probably already seen them on Mel's facebook. I just love them!

I am so excited to marry him in 2 months!

Friday, May 6, 2011

I'm engaged!

So I am now officially engaged to Nate Fox!
So here's the story: We have been planning all week to go up the canyon on Thursday (May 5). I was pretty sure that was where he was going to propose (for those who don't know, we have been unofficially engaged for about three weeks - we had basically everything planned except the actual engagement!) but I didn't say anything. So the day finally came and we made preparations to go. We went and bought some starbursts and flavored tootsie rolls to roast. On our very first date, I taught him the correct way to roast starbursts so that is why he chose to do that on this day as well. Anyway, we finally headed up.

When we got to Vivian park, we stopped at the first parking lot. We went to the pond area and took some pictures. Most of them didn't turn out so well, but a few did :) Then we went back to the car and headed farther up the canyon. When we got to the perfect (aka scoped out beforehand) spot, we got all the stuff out of the car and started walking. Because I knew he had a plan, I didn't ask him where we were going. After a couple minutes, we walked up to a very nice fire. It had a blanket laid next to it with our names on a card on top (of the blanket, not the fire).

We sat down and got everything set up. He took out his laptop and started playing some music. It wasn't just any music, but specific songs that have meant something to us in our relationship. Some Brad Paisley songs (like Then and She's Everything) because I love Brad Paisley and we are going to see him live at the Stadium of Fire in July. Then A Bushel and a Peck by Doris Day because we sing that to each other all the time. And then Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel) by Billy Joel because he sang that to me one time and it is a great song. I think it was during the last one that he pulled out the ring and asked me if I would marry him! Even though I knew it was coming, I felt a rush of very happy emotion. Then I said yes of course!
Hooray for finally being engaged!
I love him!
Then we came back to my place. We had bought Martinelli's to have while we were up the canyon, but we forgot. So we had some at my place while we watched LOST. Maybe not everyone's version of a romantic end to the evening, but it was just perfect for us :)
And here is the ring. I love it! We picked it out together a couple of weeks ago. It is just perfect because it is simple yet it is very unique. Also, the diamonds are so beautiful! Light dances on them. I love it!

I am just so happy how everything has worked out. I just love Nate and I am very excited about our eternity together :)

Also, we are getting married August 5th in the Mount Timpanogus Temple.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baby Benji

My sister Rachel had her baby boy Benjamin earlier this morning. This is the 19th time I've been an aunt. And I still absolutely adore it. I get just as excited with each birth. He's a new life. He's a miracle. I love children.With Benjamin and Abi, his oldest sister.
I love her face in this one!
Isn't he just adorable?
Look at that hair!

Oh I love him :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You wish your art class was as cool as mine

What could this possibly be? Well it is installation art. Which is probably the most exciting art there is. If you've never tried it, you haven't lived.
So here's our concept. Our world today is drifting away from nature and becoming more connected to technology. However, there are still those hippies who are completely tied to nature. We made this literal with saran wrap.
Now she is still tied to nature, but not quite so much. Perhaps this could represent someone who wants to go green. I don't know. The beauty of modern art is that you can make it mean whatever you want.
Now Corinne here is only a little bit tied to nature. Sure, she'll recycle every once in a while, if it is convenient. I would say many people fall in this category.
And finally, she represents someone who is completely relying on technology. Yeah, she is still connected to the saran wrap, but only because she has to step on nature sometimes to get around.
What do you think?

Monday, September 27, 2010

What is sleep anyway?

17 credits + my TA job + a social ward = the most exhausted I think I may have ever been.

But you know what?

I love every minute of it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 55 - Home

I'll miss the metro, I'll miss the city, I'll miss the museums, I'll miss the tourist attractions, I'll miss the people, I'll miss the photo opportunities, I'll miss the rush. I'll miss this place.

I got up early this morning, finished packing up, ate breakfast, then headed to the Roissy bus with Elisabeth and Ali. Who are, by the way, angels! I am so grateful to them for helping me. I absolutely could not have done it without them unless I got a taxi. And even then, I'm not sure. Once on the nice Roissy bus, I slept a little bit. It was good. SO much better than taking the RER B, which is what everyone else took who was on our flight. And it ended up being cheaper.

Then we finally got to the airport. Elisabeth checked my duffel (thanks again!), which was fine on weight. Then I checked my large bag, except it was 4 kilo over. If I wanted to pay for that, it would be 150 euros. No thank you. So I had to get some stuff out of it. They gave me a AirFrance bag to put my stuff in. They were really nice. My bag ended up being 23.1 kilo but the guy let it go :) Then we went through security. They were taking a while with my bag and I didn't know why. Then they searched my bag and found my huge jar of nutella/white chocolate spread. I did not even think about that when I was packing :( So they threw the whole thing away. So sad. Oh well, I got on the plane just fine and settled down next to an old, but nice, guy.

They showed four movies on the plane, all of which I watched because I couldn't sleep. First one was Valentine's Day. It was cheesy, but pretty funny. I quite liked it. Then Dear John, which I did not like because it was pretty pointless. Then Young Victoria. I really liked this one, though it would have been better if I could have heard it better. I'll have to watch it again once I'm home. Then 500 Days of Summer. It was better than I expected, though still kind of weird. Interesting that they showed all chick flicks. Glad I'm not a guy! For lunch, I had vegetarian pasta with bread and salad. It was yummy. And for dinner, we had a pizza with some ice cream. And of course, peanuts were interspersed between all that along with drinks. I tried to sleep after all the movies were over, but I was unsuccessful. Oh well. Soon enough, we landed in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Now I will no longer be blogging about what I do everyday because, let's face it, I won't be doing picture worthy things every day. But that's okay. I think over the last five months, I've done enough to last for a while :)

Au revoir.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 54 - Dernier Jour

Last day in Paris! I can't believe it. I'm sure gonna miss this place.

Ali, Shamra, Mckell, Claire and I headed out to the city this morning. First stop was the Opera house. I finally got to see the inside this time!


We had some fun :)

Then we went to Berko's, the wonderful cheesecake place. It wasn't open and it was 11:35. We thought they wouldn't open until 12 but as we were sitting there waiting, they opened the doors! Yay!
I got creme brulee cheesecake. Oh it was divine. This is one of the things I will miss most about Paris! Love it.

Then Claire and I went to the Jewish museum. It was pretty interesting.

I couldn't take many pictures. Then off to the Promenade Plantee. It was a really beautiful walk.

I like this flower. It's weird.
Then we walked back to the metro. It was quite a long walk so we were very tired! We went to the Louvre for a little internet time.

Afterward, we went to Laudree to get a present for Greg and Martha. Then back to the hotel to give the present to them and to get our notebooks. We talked for a little bit. They are such nice people! They really care about us! Then back to the room. I checked my notebook and I got an A!! Woohoo! Then we worked on packing. We then went to the grocery store to get some chocolate and some dinner. Back to the hotel again. I chilled with Mckell, Shamra, and Ali in their room. I ate a cucumber with my chips as salt. I crushed the bag of chips into little pieces then dipped my cucumber into it. Not too weird, right? Okay, maybe a little, but I didn't think it "barbaric" as Mckell so bluntly put it. Funny. After packing some more, Tabitha and Elisabeth came back from Disneyland. Today was a pretty good day :)

I can't believe I am going home tomorrow! (Yes, this is coming quite a bit after the fact, but that's okay) It has been so amazing and crazy living abroad for these several months! I absolutely love Europe. I know I will miss it. But I have missed home. It will be so wonderful to see my family tomorrow!